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‘Diet cured me of a prostate cancer’ says Don

In 2003, 69-year-old Don, Caring Cancer Trust’s Treasurer, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. With the help of his local branch of the South of England Prostate Support Association, (PCaSO), Don cleared his body of the cancer. This is his story: Following routine blood tests in 2003, my GP referred me to a hospital oncology consultant.…
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Thank you, March for Maisie 2018 team!

A BIG Thank you to the March for Maisie 2018 Team of 11 footsore stalwarts for their 100km walk in the heat last Saturday from Cheltenham to Bath. They raised a remarkable £12,725.55 for our Kids2Go programme of Healing Holidays of Creative Adventure, and our ongoing animal-free research project into Childhood Leukaemia at the University…
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25-06-18 Cannabis and Cannabinoids in future Cancer Treatment

Photo courtesy Wikipedia Commons Cannabinoids THS and CBD The harrowing story of young Billy Caldwell’s epilepsy and UK Home Secretary’s subsequent decision to review the official use of Cannabis for medicinal use (19 June), has highlighted the potential medicinal properties of the Cannabinoids THS and CBD extracted from the Marijuana plant or synthesized. In the…
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11-06-18 Good news for many breast cancer patients

Photo courtesy American Heart Association The majority of patients with the most common type of breast cancer do not benefit from chemotherapy after surgery according to a comprehensive study. A decade long multi-center study by the ECOG-ACRIN Research Group, involving 10,273 women with early-stage cancer at 1,182 treatment sites across USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New…
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