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Two in three cancer patients will survive by end of decade

Death from some cancers are expected to be halved by 2020, a report published by Macmillan Cancer Support suggests. This is good news for breast, prostate and bowel cancer patients. However there is less progress in the fight against lung cancer, where 76 per cent of patients can be expected to die from the disease,…
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A Cure for Skin Cancer on the Way

Ongoing clinical trials herald success for a groundbreaking treatment for the killer skin cancer 'advanced melanoma. At the annual European Cancer Congress in Amsterdam last month, Professor Alexander Eggermont announced the good news and forecast that within five to ten years advanced melanoma could become a curable desease for perhaps 50% of patients, if the…
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Why does it take so long to develop new Cancer treatments in UK?

From Dr Ian Hampson, PhD University of Manchester Viral Oncology Laboratories, Institute of Cancer Studies. In my 30 years of cancer research I would be a wealthy man if I had a pound for every time I have been asked when is there going to be a breakthrough! The answer to this question is complex…
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Superfoods fight Prostate Cancer

Research findings have at last confirmed that a diet containing a handful of so-called 'superfoods' can defeat prostate cancer. The findings were presented to the annual conference of the American Society of Clinical Oncology on 3 June by Professor Robert Thomas, consultant oncologist at Addenbrooke Hospital, Cambridge. It involved 203 men with prostate cancer. It…
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