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Precision Medicine: The Future of Cancer Treatment

Recent research studies suggest that performing a DNA sequence analysis of cancer tumour cell genes in patients can open doors to new treatments for them. This precision analysis can define mutations in cancer DNA that are driving an individual tumour, categorising it by DNA instead of solely by its site of origin or what can…
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Ultra-processed food consumption linked to Cancer

A British Medical Journal report, published this month on a recent Sorbonne University, Paris, study, highlights the association between ultra-processed food consumption and potential Cancer incidence. It emphasises the potential cancer risks from over-consumption of such foods. The study concludes that a 10% increase in the proportion of ultra-processed foods in the diet is associated…
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Breast Cancer Diagnosis Breakthrough

Recent research led by University College London has identified a cancer signature in DNA changes apparent in blood tests. These signal a possibly fatal breast cancer symptom up to one year earlier than current medical diagnosis techniques which may still test negative in current breast screening. ‚ÄúThis may enable individualized treatment, which could even begin…
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Breast Cancer Prevention – New Study

Overweight women can reduce the risk of contracting breast cancer by losing just 7 pounds, (3.2kilo) according to new study presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium this month. This is a modest weight loss with a significant effect. However if they lose 28 pounds, ((12.7 kilos), that risk is reduced by no less…
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