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07-06-18 Immunotherapy Future for Breast and other Cancers

Photo courtesy NCI The US National Cancer Institute’s , ((NCI),  development of a novel approach to immunotherapy, reported in the June issue of Nature Medicine, has been given wide coverage in the British press. It is an important step forward in our understanding of cancer mutation and treatment. The complex trial approach was in fact…
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04-06-18 Blood Tests show promise for Cancer Screening

Studies of a blood test for 10 different types of cancers show promise as an early cancer screening process before patients show symptoms, Dr Eric Klein from the Taussig Cancer Institute of Cleveland, USA, told members at the annual conference of the American Society of Clinical Oncologists, (ASCO), in Chicago last week. The blood test,…
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29-05-18 Exercise as Cancer Treatment and Prevention

Exercise is an essential component of successful Cancer treatment according to the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia, (COSA) latest . Position Statement, (18 May). It highlights the crucial exercise role in Cancer Care as adjunct therapy alongside surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. Rest and activity avoidance were historically an integral part of Cancer Care. But evidence…
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02-04-18 Using Viruses to Treat Cancer

We tend to think of viruses as disease harbingers. Oncology researchers have found however that some viruses can be modified in the laboratory to infect and kill Cancer tumour cells while not harming healthy cells. A small but growing number of patients are benefiting from this new-targeted but presently exceedingly expensive viral treatment approach. After…
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