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The Maisie Norton Memorial Match

A great day out for Caring Cancer Trust on 14 May with the Wantage Town Football Club Girls Team. Together with support from friends, their second annual Maisie Memorial charity match organised by Steve and Rosie Norton, raised an amazing £4690 for our Kids2Go Healing Holiday programme. A BIG thank you to the teams and to…
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Cancer Prevention and Obesity

With the passing of each month the importance of healthy diet, lifestyle and exercise in Cancer Prevention becomes more evident. Recent studies in USA have shown that unhealthy lifestyle factors are responsible for over 70% of a number of different Cancers diagnosed; cancers that could well have been prevented by improved diet, a healthy lifestyle…
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‘Breakthrough’ lung cancer drug made available on NHS

Tagrisso, (Osimertinib), a last-chance drug produced by AstraZeneca that can lead to an “unprecedented” reduction in lung cancer tumours is now available on the NHS thanks to the newly updated Cancer Drugs Fund rules which allow a promising drug to be used while still in trial evaluation. The once-a-day tablet will be available immediately for…
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Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

Getting to the guts of the matter! 6 Steps to Protect Yourself from Bowel Cancer Bowel Cancer, (Colorectal Cancer), affects the large bowel, which is made up of the colon and rectum.  Most bowel cancer starts as a pre-cancerous growth, (polyps), which may become cancerous if not treated. An untreated Bowel Cancer can spread from…
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