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Immunotherapy News

A new immunotherapy, (CAR-T) treatment has been developed for advanced leukaemia in children and young adults where prior standard treatment has failed. Dr. Tim Cripe, a specialist oncologist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio, described the experimental therapy CTL019 produced by Swiss pharma company Novartis as “the most exciting thing I’ve seen in my lifetime.”…
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Decade of funding by Caring Cancer Trust

Cervical Cancer A decade of non-animal tested cancer research funding by Caring Cancer Trust for the University of Manchester Viral Oncology Laboratories was celebrated at a recent University Philanthropy Circle inauguration.  Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, President and Vice Chancellor of the University, is pictured with the Charity Chairman Chris Ody and Hon. Secretary Ian MacWatt.…
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DNA testing possibility for all cancer patients

Professor Dame Sally Davies, England’s Chief Medical Officer has called for automatic DNA tests for cancer patients by the NHS within the next five years. This would bring DNA genome screening, (WGS), into line with current standard NHS blood tests and biopsies. Her recommendations follow a recent report by the UK Genetic Testing Network. Doctors…
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New Blood Test breakthrough for Prostate Cancer.

Researchers at the Institute of Cancer Research and clinicians at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London have developed a simple three-in-one blood test that could transform treatment of advanced prostate and other cancers. The test pinpoints those men who will respond to treatment with the PARP inhibitor Olaparib. This orally taken drug marketed by AstraZeneca is…
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