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Greater Cancer Survival rates predicted but new approach needed!

People with breast, bowel and ovarian cancers, and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, are now twice as likely to survive for at least 10 years than in the 1970s, although there is still much work to do. In breast cancer, 10-year survival in breast cancer has jumped from less than 40% to a predicted 77% currently, while half…
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A Call for New Approach to Cancer Research Funding by Dr Ian N. Hampson

Few people outside scientific research have any knowledge of how it is actually funded. Consequently they have little appreciation of the considerable financial obstacles that must to be overcome for research to be undertaken. The general public assume that most scientific research is funded by the government. This is certainly not the case for medical…
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Research Breakthrough for CCT Patron Dr Ian Hampson

Dr Ian Hampson and Dr Lynne Hampson have spent the last five years working on a breakthrough that has now come to its successful conclusion regarding the use of Commonly used HIV drugs against the development of Cervical Cancer.

We are delighted to see that they have succeeded in their painstaking work and to have been able to help the Hampsons in their work through support and funding.

This non-animal tested research was jointly funded by Caring Cancer Trust, the Humane Research Trust and the Cancer Prevention Research Trust.  We look forward to continuing our funding support for them and their team in their groundbreaking work.

Family doctors to speed up cancer diagnosis

GPs will be encouraged to order cancer tests to ensure tumours are spotted before they become inoperable. They will now be able to refer patients with possible symptoms of the disease directly for checks, avoiding the time-wasting formality of going through a specialist. This saving of time in diagnosis and consequent treatment can be crucial.…
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