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‘Immunotherapy’ the new cancer treatment buzzword

Harnessing a patient’s immune system to recognize and destroy tumour cells has been the central goal in the past few years of anti-cancer immunotherapy trials. There has been considerable interest in Adopted Cell Transfer, (ACT), where tumour-specific cytotoxic T cells are infused into cancer patients. These recognise, target and destroy cancer cells. ACT is proving…
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Cancer travel insurance cover

The Financial Conduct Authority watchdog is finally looking into the insurance problems facing travellers who have or have had cancer. This is not before time! We are constantly receiving complaints from parents regarding their difficulty in accessing holiday travel insurance for their children who have cancer or are now in partial or full remission. Premium…
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Good News for breast cancer sufferers

Image: Tumour Heterogeneity The NHS in UK has finally approved Kadcyla, Roche Pharmaceuticals breast cancer drug, for routine use after a four-year campaign. The drug extends the lives of women with advanced forms of breast cancer by some six months. It was hitherto only available on a case-by-case basis through the Cancer Drugs Fund because…
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The Maisie Norton Memorial Match

A great day out for Caring Cancer Trust on 14 May with the Wantage Town Football Club Girls Team. Together with support from friends, their second annual Maisie Memorial charity match organised by Steve and Rosie Norton, raised an amazing £4690 for our Kids2Go Healing Holiday programme. A BIG thank you to the teams and to…
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