CCT Patron, Jamie Nicholls wins world cup event

We are proud to announce that one of our Caring Cancer Trust patrons, Jamie Nicholls has become the first male British snowboarder ever to win an FIS (International Ski Federation) World Cup event. Jamie took first place making him the fifth best snowboarder in the slopestyle men category, in the world. Find out more on…
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The Hidden Danger in your Diet Soda

look at your local supermarket shelves stocked with row upon row of diet sodas and special offers will show you that you are invited to believe that a diet soda with artificial

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What is the Cancer risk from processed and red meat?

As I reported last year on two occasions in this blog, the World Health Organization has made some serious charges that some of our favourite foods lead to cancer risk. Processed meat was classified as a carcinogen, something that causes cancer. And red meat was classified as a probable carcinogen that could lead to cancer.…
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