Clinical evidence for cancer prevention through diet

Findings from an Italian study published this month in the American Journal of Nutrition has demonstrated a clear link between the amount of phytochemical-rich polyphenols we eat and mortality from breast, pancreatic, throat, prostate and skin cancers. Phytochemicals are plant compounds, which give vegetables and fruit their pleasing colour, taste and aroma. Over 12 years,…
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Obesity and Cancer: New Moves in UK

Bad diet has recently overtaken smoking as the biggest single cause of the 40% of lifestyle linked avoidable illness the service treats. Simon Stevens, chief executive of NHS England has said.  He added: “Smoking still kills 80,000-plus people a year, smoking is still a huge problem. But it turns out that diet has edged ahead.”…
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Chemo, Immune Systems and Superbugs

The ultimate superbug that is resistant to the ultimate antibiotic has reached Europe in an apparently inexorable global spread from China. In November the medical journal Lancet Infectious Diseases reported that researchers in China had discovered bacteria with a dangerous new antibiotic-resistance gene that is spreading from livestock to people in China. This newly identified…
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