Diet and Colorectal Cancer Prevention

Research shows that diet and exercise provide powerful protection against colorectal cancer according to a recent report by the American Institute of Cancer Research and the Scotland-based Worldwide Cancer Research. “This report demonstrates that there is a lot people can do to dramatically lower their risk" said Edward L Giovannucci Professor of nutrition and epidemiology…
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Decade of funding by Caring Cancer Trust

Cervical Cancer A decade of non-animal tested cancer research funding by Caring Cancer Trust for the University of Manchester Viral Oncology Laboratories was celebrated at a recent University Philanthropy Circle inauguration.  Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, President and Vice Chancellor of the University, is pictured with the Charity Chairman Chris Ody and Hon. Secretary Ian MacWatt.…
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New Research targets Cancer Prevention

The global pharmaceutical industry is worth trillions and spends billions on research to find successful cancer treatments that can be patented and marketed. Unfortunately, the general research impetus sponsored by the pharma industry is not to find preventative drugs for pre-cancerous states, but rather to find curative drugs for cancers that are already active in patients. The reason for this is that it is far cheaper…
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