Research Breakthrough for CCT Patron Dr Ian Hampson

Dr Ian Hampson and Dr Lynne Hampson have spent the last five years working on a breakthrough that has now come to its successful conclusion regarding the use of Commonly used HIV drugs against the development of Cervical Cancer. We are delighted to see that they have succeeded in their painstaking work and to have…
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Family doctors to speed up cancer diagnosis

GPs will be encouraged to order cancer tests to ensure tumours are spotted before they become inoperable. They will now be able to refer patients with possible symptoms of the disease directly for checks, avoiding the time-wasting formality of going through a specialist. This saving of time in diagnosis and consequent treatment can be crucial.…
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Unlocking the Body’s Defences Against Cancer.

From the Manchester Evening News "Unlocking the Body's Defences Against Cancer. Dr's Ian and Lynne Hampson at the University of Manchester found that a special type of chemical opened up communication channels on the surface of cells that enabled healthy cells to 'talk' to the cancer cells. "When we added the chemicals to a mixture…
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