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The Truth about Cancer

Chances are if you or a loved one has ever been diagnosed, the first words you’re likely to hear are: – “Surgery” (cut) – “Chemo” (poison) – “Radiation” (burn) These expensive medical “treatments” take a massive toll on the human body, and have a 5-year recovery rate of less than 3%. But what if there…
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Chemo, Immune Systems and Superbugs

The ultimate superbug that is resistant to the ultimate antibiotic has reached Europe in an apparently inexorable global spread from China. In November the medical journal Lancet Infectious Diseases reported that researchers in China had discovered bacteria with a dangerous new antibiotic-resistance gene that is spreading from livestock to people in China. This newly identified…
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Two in three cancer patients will survive by end of decade

Death from some cancers are expected to be halved by 2020, a report published by Macmillan Cancer Support suggests. This is good news for breast, prostate and bowel cancer patients. However there is less progress in the fight against lung cancer, where 76 per cent of patients can be expected to die from the disease,…
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