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10-04-18 Multidisciplinary diagnostic NHS Cancer screening centres

UK Cancer survival rates lag behind those in the rest of Western Europe. The primary reason for this is simple; cancer diagnosis is often too late to save the patient. This lamentable state of affairs is all too frequently met with the government’s complacent anodyne response that UK cancer survival rates are rising, and more…
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29-03-18 New Combination Chemotherapy Trials for Treating Infants with Leukaemia

Stage 3 trials of an experimental targeted cancer drug produced by AstraZeneca that includes a bacterial toxin shows promise in treating the most common cancer in children, B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL). However, therapeutic benefits in the trial appear to be limited, because trial patients are quickly developing therapeutic resistance to the drug and relapse. A…
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New High Speed Prostate Scan unveiled

A new pilot high-speed path to treatment for prostate cancer that can significantly cut diagnosis time was presented at the European Association of Urology Conference in Copenhagen last week by Professor Hashim Ahmed, Chair of Urology at Imperial College London. The procedure can cut waiting time for detection in the UK from an average 56…
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