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Top of Alpe D’Houez

Or intrepid Peaky Climbers at the top of Alpe D'Houez under the Tour de France sign at the end of their remarkable sponsored bike through the Pyrennes and Alps.
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Cancer travel insurance cover

The Financial Conduct Authority watchdog is finally looking into the insurance problems facing travellers who have or have had cancer. This is not before time! We are constantly receiving complaints from parents regarding their difficulty in accessing holiday travel insurance for their children who have cancer or are now in partial or full remission. Premium…
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A message from Alice Razza R.I.P

As most of you already know, we have received some awful news from my oncologist that no one could have expected. My cancer has come back and this time it is in my lungs. The news was hard to hear and has shocked me and my whole family. At the moment we aren't sure what…
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