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Thank you, March for Maisie 2018 team!

A BIG Thank you to the March for Maisie 2018 Team of 11 footsore stalwarts for their 100km walk in the heat last Saturday from Cheltenham to Bath. They raised a remarkable £12,725.55 for our Kids2Go programme of Healing Holidays of Creative Adventure, and our ongoing animal-free research project into Childhood Leukaemia at the University…
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Top of Alpe D’Houez

Or intrepid Peaky Climbers at the top of Alpe D'Houez under the Tour de France sign at the end of their remarkable sponsored bike through the Pyrennes and Alps.
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Cancer travel insurance cover

The Financial Conduct Authority watchdog is finally looking into the insurance problems facing travellers who have or have had cancer. This is not before time! We are constantly receiving complaints from parents regarding their difficulty in accessing holiday travel insurance for their children who have cancer or are now in partial or full remission. Premium…
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