A message from Alice Razza R.I.P

As most of you already know, we have received some awful news from my oncologist that no one could have expected. My cancer has come back and this time it is in my lungs. The news was hard to hear and has shocked me and my whole family. At the moment we aren't sure what is next, or if there will be any more treatment. But I don't plan to let this stop me. I intend to fill my next few months with amazing memories and laughs. I have an amazing family behind me and so many great friends, so Thank you!   I haven't let this awful disease stop me before and I don't intend on letting it stop me now! I shall make some great memories with everyone I love.  

Alice’s cancer has reappeared with tumours on both lungs.   We are supporting Alice and her Wish List and have sponsored her London and Tea at Harrods trip on 28 January. Visit her on facebook and help us make those great memories!

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